Bridge Books

A Bridge To Simple Squeezes Second Edition By Julian Laderman
2006 American Bridge Teachers' Association "BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD"
Bridge Defense At Trick One By Weiss
by David Weiss, 192 pages
Bridge Book Misplay These Hands With Me - Mark Horton
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
Bridge Book - Beat The Experts At Bridge By Danny Roth
By Danny Roth. Ever wish you had a syndicated bridge column? Not if Danny...
Bridge Book - Great Deal Of Bridge Problems
By Julian Pottage. Pottage, premier puzzle poser, presents plenty pretty...
Bridge In 3 Weeks By Truscott
The beginner's 21-day guide to the world's most popular game
Bridge Master Versus Bridge Amateur By Mark Horton
Why aren't you an expert bridge player?
Building A Bidding System- Hughes
2005 IBPA Book of the the Year Runner-Up
Canada'S Bridge Warriors Eric Murray And Sami Kehela By Roy Hughes
"You never really beat Murry and Kehela - you were just temporarily ahead of...
Card By Card By Roy Hughes
Adventures at the Bridge Table
Classic Kantar - By Eddie Kantar
A collection of Bridge humour