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Eric Rodwell's Bidding Topics Bridge Book

Eric Rodwell's Bidding Topics Bridge Book
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Author: Eric Rodwell

The techniques in this book are sustainable and can be incorporated into any bidding system. Learn from the best and see instant improvement in your results at the bridge table. The nine excellent topics that haven been selected will have wide appeal, including two about conventions Rodwell invented himself: Support Doubles, and Serious 3NT. Topics cover some very important areas of constructive bidding, competitive bidding, and slam bidding.

Recommended for intermediate to advanced level players.

Eric Rodwell: For decades Eric Rodwell has been one of the most successful bridge players in the world. His partnership with Jeff Meckstroth has produced over one hundred national and world championships. The "Meckwell" partnership is well known for their aggressive and detailed bidding system called RM Precision, of which Eric is the principal theorist and author.

1) Support Doubles and Redoubles
2) New Minor Forcing
3) Mixed Raises
4) Cappelletti
5) Responses to a forcing 1NT
6) Inverted minors
7) Roman Keycard Blackwood
8) Serious 3NT
9) Last Train

"Everyone knows Eric is one of the game's best bidding theorists. He also writes very clearly on these important topics, with material suitable for all players." - Jeff Meckstroth, Multiple World Champion


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