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Playing Suit Combinations by Fred Gitelman and Jeff Rubens

Playing Suit Combinations by Fred Gitelman and Jeff Rubens
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Author: Fred Gitelman and Jeff Rubens

This book serves two purposes: One is to enable the reader to improve card-play technique. The text illustrates how best to handle some specific holdings, and, more importantly, assists in the development of patterns of bridge problem-solving that apply not only to single-suit situations but to declarer-play and defensive problems in general. The other purpose is to share some of the beauties and fascinating variations of the game that can be enjoyed in a restricted setting, freed from external distractions. In particular, suit combinations often demonstrate how small changes can have large impacts. The book consists of a tutorial (adapted from parts of the highly acclaimed Expert Bridge Simplified: Arithmetic Shortcuts for Declarer, a text that provides ways to avoid complex calculations) and a catalog of examples based on a long-running column on suit combinations in The Bridge World magazine.

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