Bridge Books

2 Over 1 Game Force An Introduction by Bruno and Hardy
Great book to learn about the system even if you don't intend to play it.
Spotlight On Card Play - Darvas and Luckacs
A collection of 67 "single dummy" problems on declarer play and defense in...
Powerhouse Hands by Dormer - Bridge Book
How to Recognize and Get the Most from Your Big Cards
Fishheads by Bill Cole
Test Your Bridge Play Volume 2 by Kantar
115 declarer-play problems designed to improve card playing techniques.
Two Over One-Game Force Simplified by Jarman
Jacoby On Bridge - James Jacoby
The Indispensable Guide for Both Beginner's and Experts.
Challenge the Champs ( Book Vi)
Hands From the Bidding Contest in "The Bridge World"
Challenge the Champs ( Book Viii)
Hands From the Bidding Contest in "The Bridge World"
Short Tall - Bridge Tales - Burkoff, Et Al
Funny Stories About Tricky Hands
Have I Got a Story for You - Eber and Freeman
An Anthology of Favorite Bridge Tales
Team Trial by Allan Falk
Spingold Challenge - Falk
Negative And Responsive And Other Compettitive Doubles- Feldheim
Learn about that "Double " Bid