Bridge Books

Logic Intuition and Instinct At The Bridge Table By Jayaram
"Romanticists are dreamers. Logic does not appeal to them. They must try...
Matchpoint Defense By Jim Priebe
Yes, defending is hard, but we defend half the deal we play. And at...
Modern Constructive Bidding By Miles
"A worthy successor to Miles previous volumes." - Australian Bridge
My System The Unbalanced Diamond By Marshall Miles
Are you looking for new bidding ideas?
Northern Lights Edited By The Lees
Here's a bridge book that's just good fun!
Play Or Defend? By Pottage
Playing With The Bridge Legends By Shenkin
Meet the bridge legends Shenkin has played with and against
Positive Defense At Bridge By Reese And Pottage
All Bridge players, if they are honest, have to admit that defense is the...
Serendipity In Bridge By R. Jayaram
Book Three in the 'Two Brain Bridge' Series...Nominated for 2006 IBPA Book of...
Standard Bridge Bidding For The 21St Century - Max Hardy
A simplified and updated presentation of two-over-one game forcing bidding...
Test Your Play As Declarer Vol. 2 By Paul Lukacs and Jeff Rubens
Here are more hands to improve your declarer play.
The Bermuda Bowl - Francis and Senior
History and All Time Best Deals
The Bridge Magicians- Horton and Kielbasinski
Spellbinding plays from the Polish stars
The Bridge Philosopher By Kauder
Bridge With a Bite
The Hands Of Time - Horton
The Naked Bridge Player Book - Silver
Catch up on Professor Silver's latest adventures.
The No Trump Zone - Kleinman
"'Trick' is a treat! A fun little text." - ACBL Bulletin
The Pocket Guide To 2/1 By Thurston
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Thinking On Defense By Priebe
defense is the most difficult part of bridge, and for most players, the...
A New Approach To Bidding - John Drabble
Complete Hand Valuation and the Midmac System
Acbl Bridge Series Commonly Used Conventions In The 21St Century - w/Bulk discounts
Spade Series By Audrey Grant & Betty Starzec
ACBL Bridge Series More Commonly Used Conventions In The 21St Century - w/Bulk Discounts
Notrump Series By Audrey Grant & Betty Starzec
ACBL Bridge Series Play Of The Hand In The 21St Century - w/Bulk discounts
-Diamond Series By Audrey Grant & Betty Starzec
At The Table By Hammon
Bid Better Play Better Bridge Book
How to Think at the Bridge Table
Bols Bridge Tips Edited By Brock - Bridge Book
The Complete Book of Bols Bridge Tips
Bridge Cardplay Attack and Defence By Smith
Are you tired of finishing second or third?