Bridge Books

The ACBL Club Director’s Handbook
Recommended for the club director's study package.
Standard Yellow Card Booklet
The system played by many you meet on the internet.
The Bridge Player’s Dictionary - Randy Baron
Find the meaning of all those bridge terms you hear at the bridge club.
The Principles of Logical Bidding -Allan Deserpa
Bringing logic to your bids.
Winning Bridge With Blackwood- Blackwood
Simple things to improve your bridge.
Appeals Committee Decisions From the 1994 Nec World Championships in Albuquerque
Appeals Committee Decisions From the World Bridge Federation Championships
Escaping One Notrump Doubled - Blubaugh
Get your escape routes planned out with your partner.
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The Forcing Notrump - Blubaugh
A bid to help you bid difficult hands.
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Takeout Doubles- Blubaugh (Soft Cover No Spine)
What qualifies as a good takeout double and how to proceed in the bidding
Negative And Responsive Doubles- John Blubaugh
Learn About the Double Bid