Bridge Books

"Club" Series Play Course by Audrey Grant
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"Diamond" Series Summary by Grant
e-z guide; discounted when you by 6 or more; up to 15%
"Major Suit Raises I" Play Course by Grant
A Companion Guide for E-Z Deal Major Suit Raises I "Play" Cards
1997 World Bridge Championships-T
1998 World Bridge Championships-F
2 Over 1 Game Force An Introduction by Bruno and Hardy
Great book to learn about the system even if you don't intend to play it.
2 Over 1 Game Force by Audrey Grant and Eric Rodwell
Learn from two of the biggest names in bridge!
5 Card Major Stayman By Ron Klinger
An original and exciting book for all senior intermediate and expert players...
52 Bridge Mistakes to Avoid, by David Bird
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A Bridge To Simple Squeezes Second Edition By Julian Laderman
2006 American Bridge Teachers' Association "BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD"