Bridge Books

Goren’s Introduction to Bridge (Soft Cover No Spine)
An easy approach and introduction to bridge written especially for the novice...
Standard Yellow Card Booklet
The system played by many you meet on the internet.
Pamphlet - Defensive Play - Truscott
Discusses the opening lead, third hand play, reading the spot cards, the rule...
Pamphlet- Flannery 2 Diamond Opener
W. L. Flannery gives you a quick description of the Flannery 2 Diamond Opener
Play Bridge With Goren
Powerhouse Hands by Dormer - Bridge Book
How to Recognize and Get the Most from Your Big Cards
Winning Bridge With Blackwood- Blackwood
Simple things to improve your bridge.
Bridge Play by Sheinwold
How to win the most tricks whether trying to make a contract or set one.
Play Winning Bridge With Any Partner Even a Stranger by Charles Goren
Have you ever felt like kicking your partner under the table? This book will...