Bridge Books

Bridge Basics A Beginner's Guide -Klinger
Product ID : 9781616082338
Bridge: the Vital Principles - Freddie North
Product ID : 9780713480153
On the Other Hand
Product ID : 9781771401968
A new way to learn bridge cardplay.
Everyone's Guide to the New Convention Card by Marty Bergen
Product ID : 0963471538
For those who want to know more about the convention card.
Hand of the Week 52 Bridge Stories by Joel Martineau
Product ID : 9781771400428
More Conventions More Practice by Barbara Seagram and David Bird
Product ID : 9781771400473
Close Encounters: Bridge's Greatest Matches Book 2 by Eric Kokish and Mark Horton
Product ID : 9781771400459
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Demystifying Defense by Patrick O'Connor
Product ID : 9781771400411
52 Bridge Mistakes to Avoid, by David Bird
Product ID : 9781771401517
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Trick One, by David Bird
Product ID : 9781771401869
Keys to Winning Bridge by Frank Stewart
Product ID : 9781944201135