Bridge Buff 18 CD Program

Bridge Buff 18 CD Program
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Bridge Baron 18

Using Artificial Intelligence since 1999, Bridge Buff plays a great game of Bridge. It is highly praised throughout the Bridge Community. It is perfect for all levels of players, with Tutors for beginners and intermediates, and large numbers of conventions (codified deep into the auction), for more advanced players.

It features excellent auction stability. We use Visual Deal to deal out thousands of randomly generated deals, complete with auctions. Then we vet each auction for reasonableness. We find that better than 19 of 20 auctions are completed in a sensible fashion.

There is a matchpoint-style bidding mode, which uses a concept called Simulation Bidding. This features very aggressive bidding sequences around the table, similar to action found in your local duplicate club. It's a lot of fun. Beginning version 12 we extended this concept to slam investigations.

There are two playing modes. In Practice mode, you have full control over every element of the game, and you can redeal, rebid, replay, take back cards, peek, and cheat as much as you want. In Match mode, you play a series of hands against a 'closed room' opponent and can play Teams, Pairs and Individual matches. Match mode also includes matchpoint estimates so you can measure how well you are doing against both Strong and Weak fields.

Bridge Buff looks terrific, and is exceptionally easy to use. It features one-button access to most functions, and includes balloon help comments over most buttons. Here is a look at Bridge Buff Practice Mode and here at Bridge Buff Match Mode. And here is a look at some of the skins you can apply.


Visual Deal is a hugely flexible Deal Generator that stands alone by virtue of its ease-of-use, its flexibility, and the fact it generates auctions and play-of-the-hand with Bridge Buff modules.

Visual Deal includes a FAST Double Dummy solver that uses Artificial Intelligence, so you can see what would be the contract result if every card played at every turn to play, was the perfect card. This is a feature unique to Visual Deal ... you can get a solver with no other Generator. Double dummy analysis actually favors the Defense; whereas the opening lead often favors the declarer.

You can watch deals one-by-one, or run a series of deals (10 to 1000) and accumulate statistics, or print a series of deals to a printer or file. The print formats are very flexible.

Properly configured, Visual Deal will help you to answer all of the great Bridge questions. What does this bid mean or show? What should I bid with this hand in this auction? What happens if I bid this? What is partner likely to have if I hold this (and if the auction has gone like that?), what is the best contract with this kind of holding, what is the best lead into this auction or these hands, or any number of similar questions.


Windows 98/NT/XP/Vista & 7 (32&64-bit), minimum: Pentium 200 or equivalent with 16 Megs RAM. (Limited help files w/ Vista & 7.) Minimum requirements are a Pentium 200 or equivalent with 16 Megs RAM. Faster is better.

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