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Rectangle Duplicate Boards Beige 1-16

Rectangle Duplicate Boards Beige 1-16
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Set of 16 beige boards (#1-16) made from plastic. An excellent alternative to the Imperial Duplicate Boards, these boards include a clip on the bottom, as well as a slot on the top to hold your travelers.


Each board size 5" x 9"
NOTE: VULNERABILITY This is noted very cleverly by indicating the Vulnerability of East/West/South/North using a red sticker for that direction.
i.e: If you are sitting at north, an have a green north sticker, you are not vulnerable. If you are sitting at north and have red north sticker, you are vulnerable.


Each board size 5" x 9"
The stock image shows four different colors we can carry. As of Jan 2017 we only stock the Ivory and the Grey. Your order would be for 16 boards of the color ivory.
Need a set of 32? We can supply sticker numbered 17 - 32 at no extra charge if you order two sets of these. Just let us know you need them. These numbered labels are black on white stock, so they are not indentical to the green numbered labels the boards come with, but have served the purpose well for a number of clubs

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