Bridge Basics 3 Popular Conventions By Audrey Grant
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Bridge Bidding Made Easy By Edwin B. Kantar
A Modern Guide to the Language of the Game
Bridge Book - 52 Great Tips On Declarer Play By David Bird
A tip for every week of the year!
Bridge Quiz Defence - Raymond and Sally Brock
Third in a series of quiz books.
Bridge With Imagination By Bird and Helgemo
Read how Geir Helgemo (one of the world's top players) thinks at the bridge...
Building Bridge - Schambelan...
The New, easy Way to Learn America's Favorite Card Game
Conventions Today - Senior
Daily Bridge Calendar- Page A Day Pad - 2006/2017
Pad calendar for the bridge player
Demon Defense And Demon Doubling - Boehm
Defend with skill and double for keeps
Expert Defence By Raymond Brock
Learn to master one of the hardest areas of the game of bridge.
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Focus On Hocus-Pocus By Brecher and Roth
Intriguing Chess and Bridge Problems