Focus On Hocus-Pocus By Brecher and Roth
Intriguing Chess and Bridge Problems
Following The Law - Cohen
The total tricks sequel
Great Hands I Wish I Had Played - Brock
This is a book to read and enjoy
Hand Evaluation Points, Schmoints - Marty Bergen
Guaranteed to Make You a Better Bidder
Having Nun Partner? By David Bird
Enjoy the hilarious adventures of the bridge-playing nuns of St Hilda's Convent.
Hocus-Pocus By Brecher
A Bridge Book With a Difference
Imagination And Technique In Bridge - Bourke and Hoffman
Sixty Challenging Deals
Improving Your Judgement Doubles 2 By Audrey Grant
the official better bridge series by Audrey Grant
Laws Of Duplicate Bridge (2008)
Every Duplicate Club and Director Should Have A Copy Of These Laws
Marty Sez.. Vol. 2 - Marty Bergen
More Secrests of Winning Bridge
Marty Sez... Bergen's Bevy of Bridge Secrets - Marty Bergen
Bergen's Bevy of Bridge Secrets
Marty Sez... Vol. 3 - Marty Bergen
Practical Tips You can Take to the Bank
More Hocus - Pocus By Brecher and Pottage
Intriguing Bridge and Logic Puzzles
More Points Schmoints! - Marty Bergen
Sequel to the 1996 Book of The Year
Negative Doubles - Marty Bergen
Part of the poinsts schmoints series - A Must Read for Every Partnership