A Bridge To Simple Squeezes Second Edition By Julian Laderman

A Bridge to Simple Squeezes Second Edition by Julian Laderman
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Product ID : 9781897106266
Manufacturer: Master Point Press


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What do you see?

♠ 4 3

♠ A K Q 2

If your answer is 'Three top spade winners,' your vision can be improved! You should see 'Three top spade winners and squeeze possibilities using the ♠2 as a threat card.' Just this one rather ordinary suit should start you dreaming about squeezes. In this book, learning to recognize and appreciate threat cards plays a central role as you begin to understand how squeeze play operates. It won't be long before you can look at a layout like this one and begin to imagine how the East-West cards will need to lie in order for your squeeze to be successful. Very soon, you will get to the point where simple squeezes are a part of your regular bridge arsenal.

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